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Jan 29 10 10:15 AM

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The Today Show Thread is a DISCUSSION thread that happens to have recaps in it provided by some pretty wonderful members, not the other way around.  Do not expect to be sheltered from the opinions of others when you come in here.
The below rule*, does NOT mean that you cannot make ANY criticisms or swipes at characters-often times it is well deserved, LOL! That is all part of the fun about watching and discussing a show live...don't we all shout at our TV's at home? Just be reasonable about it, and keep in mind others may have some strong feelings about it- so criticize when deserved, not just for the heck of it.
And some of you are getting way too thin skinned about the comments others make about your favorites. Cool it and get used to it. These are fictional characters we are talking about here. We will be letting more critical posts stand, as long as they are not OVERLY nasty.
*(1) Please, we ask that folks refrain from using their favorite snide name;or making overly nasty comments about characters. Posts that go over the line,will be deleted at the discretion of the managers, repeat offenders will be banned from posting on this thread.
(2) No posting of spoiler's/rumor's/cast tidbits (GHNews) unless you know the proper way to post them.
(3)**PLEASE, do NOT post pic's/screencaps/banners in this thread. (Management only may post them) They will be deleted. You may still post small graphics and smilies.
(4) In order to conserve board space, ***PLEASE, avoid starting any new threads regarding today's show. Post them all in appropriate existing threads. ***
From the East Coast to the West Coast - Have at it!

If you are doing recaps, Please remember to keep your personal comments and character/locale nicknames out of the recaps when you are doing them.

Thanks in advance. Management

Also, if you are not watching GH at all-----DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD! Thanks


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Jan 29 10 1:42 PM

It was an amazing show today! I had to go pee so bad and I could not leave the couch! LOL! Even though I knew Sonny was going to shoot Dante, I had to watch it...I kept hoping that it wasn't going to happen!

And  Lucky! (Sorry don't know the actor's name) Wow! I am so impressed with his acting too. The raw emotions...real tears.... GADS!!!!!

If love is the answer, what was the question?

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#3 [url]

Jan 31 10 9:17 PM

I was so sick on Friday, however I made myself watch.  The acting was so intense.  I was totally blown away by the Dante/Dominick and Sonny scene.  Someone better get an emmy.  Also J.Jackson as Lucky is a fabulous actor.  I was upset when they replaced G.Vaugn, but this guy can act.  I love this lucky. 

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